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Month: April 2016

The Four Children ?>

The Four Children

The Haggadah speaks of four children. The wise child knows that she does not understand and that she needs to learn. “Teach me everything”, he demands, “because there must be more.” “What is the nature of the blockade on Gaza? What exactly went down at Camp David between Barak and Arafat? How many people were forced out of their homes in 1948?” The wise child will learn all she can from libraries and when that is not enough, she will…

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Soldiers, Flags, and a March Against The Occupation ?>

Soldiers, Flags, and a March Against The Occupation

On Friday the 1st of April I decided to attend what was called a Freedom March hosted by Combatants for Peace and Standing Together. It was a monthly march, but this one was “special” since it fell out two days after Palestinian Land Day. I was extremely hesitant to join the march in general, and particularly because I wasn’t sure about this Land Day. It felt as if it took it from a march of equality to a one-sided march of Palestinian…

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