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Month: November 2016

A Lone Soldier’s Lament ?>

A Lone Soldier’s Lament

What happens when the mask patched on you won’t come off? I’ve been a lone soldier for almost 3 years. You know, one of those rock-stars who came to Israel and happily donned green fatigues. The lone soldier treatment started the day I darkened the doorway of the induction center and hasn’t yet stopped. For a while now I’ve become accustomed to people swiping their credit card to pay for my falafel at the central bus station. I’ve been showered…

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A simple declaration. ?>

A simple declaration.

I am an Israeli citizen. I am an Israeli Patriot. I am a Zionist. I am religious. I am a feminist. I believe in equality, be it gender equality, racial equality, LGBTQ equality, and others. I love this country. Dearly. I love its people. I love its music. I love its mountains and I love its deserts. I love its buses and I love its beaches. I love its bars and I love its cafes. I love Tel Aviv and I love Jerusalem. I love…

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