What’s a Mother to do? ?>

What’s a Mother to do?

A Palestinian terrorist attempted or succeeded in killing Israeli civilians and died during that act. Where does that leave the mother?

There are a couple of options for her. One option is to embrace her child’s act. This choice doesn’t just embrace terrorism, but also violence as a path for change and progress. A mother who chooses this path is continuing the cycle of violence instead of choosing to break it.

This mother is not ostracized, but rather taken in by her community. Her kid will be looked up too by many, and she and her family will be taken care of.

This mother has another path she can take.  

This mother can look at what her child did, and see that his last act accomplished nothing positive. This mother decides to turn away from the mainstream. She walks away from the glorification, from the incitement, and from the praise of her child. She feels the pain of her lost child, and doesn’t wish that grief upon her worst enemy.

She takes her pain and turns it into positive change. She decides to join together with a group of Israeli and Palestinian families who have also lost loved ones in the conflict, and are dedicated to taking a different path than those of their children. Not that all of those who are died are equal, but the broken families they left behind feel grief all the same.  This mother chooses words and dialogue instead of bullets and bombs.

The way the current Israeli government relates to these parents is appalling. The government looks at mothers who have chosen reconciliation, instead of their children’s violence, and tells them that that’s not welcome here.

The government is condemning the mother as if she’s an extension of her child.

The right tells us of how Palestinian society spews hatred, glorifies violence, and promotes terrorism. They say that the Palestinians should turn away from violence, embrace non-aggression, and promote peace. But along comes a group of hundreds of Palestinians who are doing just that; They have turned away from violence, embraced non-aggression, and are promoting peace.

How does the right react? They withhold these people’s permits obstructing any attempted dialogue. Are the Palestinians not trying to do exactly what you asked of them?

When the government demonizes the Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace, the government is not taking a stand against terrorism. Rather the government is taking a stand against building bridges, they’re taking a stand against breaking the cycle of violence, and they’re saying that this group’s path of turning away from violence, embracing non-aggression, and promoting peace is not welcome here.


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