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A Lone Soldier’s Lament ?>

A Lone Soldier’s Lament

What happens when the mask patched on you won’t come off? I’ve been a lone soldier for almost 3 years. You know, one of those rock-stars who came to Israel and happily donned green fatigues. The lone soldier treatment started the day I darkened the doorway of the induction center and hasn’t yet stopped. For a while now I’ve become accustomed to people swiping their credit card to pay for my falafel at the central bus station. I’ve been showered…

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Military Occupations and their Effects ?>

Military Occupations and their Effects

The Nature of Military Occupation Military occupations are never tolerated by the occupied. The British Armed Forces were deployed in Northern Ireland in 1969 at the request of the Unionist Government of Northern Ireland. These soldiers were welcomed by the Catholic population of Ireland in response to Protestant riots and terrorism against Catholic marches for civil rights at the time. However, by 1971 the same Catholics, organized as the IRA, were fighting the British in a brutal campaign of terrorism….

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Love is not a Victory March ?>

Love is not a Victory March

In Memory of Shira Banki I wanted to sit alone. I wanted to sit alone and cry. But I was seated at the front of the bus and a little girl had fallen asleep on my shoulder and I tried to cry gently so as not to wake her up. And I lost myself in the cold, in the broken, in the Hallelujah. For as children we were bright lights shining, then we were dimmed, until we truly believed that…

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